The Colonial Florida Cultural Heritage Center at Corpus Christi Church includes a remarkable collection of Spanish Colonial art featuring works from throughout South and Central America and the islands, particularly the art centers of Cuzco and greater Peru, and Mexico City.  Dated from the late 16th to the 18th centuries, paintings and sculpture express the unique heritage of Latin America with their Baroque aesthetic.  Installed in the beautiful La Merced Chapel, the art complements its gold-leaf decoration.  There is also an original and wide-ranging document and memorabilia collection focusing on very early Florida-related material, as well as historical references from Cuba from its beginnings through the early 20th century; extensive digitized documents related to the early Americas, particularly Cuba; original books emphasizing the social and political history of Florida, the islands and the Americas, with specialized areas, such as the Spanish American War and Black America.  Early religious vestments made or used in the Americas expand the visual beauty represented in the collection.